Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Episode 104: Dead River

Sheriff Clancy Welles was mortally wounded in a gunfight. It seems as if the local Indian Shaman, known as Doctor Dog, knew a way to keep the good ole boy alive. The only problem is, whatever Doctor Dog did seems to have changed the Sheriff. Well, he ain't a good ole boy no more. Is there a way to save the good folks of Dead River from this curse hangin' over their heads?


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Episode 103B: Avatar Part 2


Download Episode 103B: Avatar Part 2

Episode 103A: Avatar Part 1


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Episode 102: Siren Song

Emergency room medic, Dr Tim Dameron has fairly a run of the mill life until he meets a beautiful redhead from Ireland named Fiona who he believes to be disabled, but whom he learns is "differently-abled". It's a suspenseful "fish story" from the scrolls of The Realm Weaver!


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Episode 101: Breaking The Gloaming

Written by Jonithan Patrick Russell

Imagine if you can, being thrown away into the deepest, darkest place, in your deepest, darkest imaginings. Left there alone with only darkness, and your own thoughts for company.

And imagine if you heard someone crying. Could it be that you are not truly alone? Could it be your imagination playing tricks on you? Or could it be something beyond your darkest nightmares?


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